I am so excited that you have taken some time from your busy life to visit with me. I have so much to talk about and show you. Time is a valuable commodity to all of us, so I have designed this site (Yes, all by myself!) so you can quickly find the information you desire, so that we can spend some quality personal time together very soon.

My name is Lorsha Larson, and I am a private Las Vegas concierge. I provide fantasy adventures here in Las Vegas. I am an entrepreneur in every sense of the word, and enjoy the diversity of many aspects of my life. My goal as your private Las Vegas concierge is to be your oasis from your everyday life. A person that you can confide in. And someone that you can build chemisty with, while I provide you with a fantasy adventure of a lifetime, with a bonafide porn star!*

Accidental Porn Star

Pornstar?!? As I sit here typing this eleven years after it all began, I still have to stare at that word. Pornstar. How in the world did I ever become a pornstar. Was It meant to be? It was just my destiny perhaps? My life has really been a parody for the most part. It could not possibly be more opposite then the way I had always envisioned it would be. Just a simple girl growing up in New Jersey, living my simple basic life. I had a very normal childhood growing up. No, I was not molested. No creepy uncles or anything like that, hehe.

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My Lifestyle

I am often asked about what it is that attracts me to this lifestyle. One of the great joys of being an escort is the eternal honeymoon period that I get to enjoy with gentlemen one day after another. We get to instinctively learn of each others passions, and explore our intensities that make us who we are as a couple. Words cannot describe what I feel when I meet some gentleman who has chosen to spend time with me for the first time. I still get butterflies each and every time I meet a new gentleman and our eyes meet for that very first time. It is a feeling that I sincerely hope many of you have or will get to experience in your lifetime.

Best Of Both Worlds - GFE / PSE

When you reserve your time with me, you will be getting the best of both worlds.
I enjoy everything that accompanies the true girlfriend experience, and you will absolutely love the excitement of my transition into the porn star experience!

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